Continental Race King Tire - 27.5 x 2.20, Tubeless, Folding, Black/Bernstein, BlackChili, ProTection, E25

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Race King Tires are a classic competition tire which feels at home at the Cross Country World Cup or at marathons. Low rolling resistance, good self-damping and low weight make it the right choice for all race bikes.

  • Super fast rolling tire with widely spaced knobs to handle a wide range of conditions
  • The extra all-round puncture ProTection layer renders the casings extremely durable and resistant to damage or penetration from foreign elements. Treads and sidewalls are equally protected, and are 25 % lighter and offer 30 % more puncture protection than their predecessors protected by DuraSkin. Rolling resistance and absorption has also significantly improved
  • Black Chili Compound features special synthetic rubbers combined with proven natural rubber to high-performance tread mixtures, to optimize rolling properties and grip
  • E25 e-bike rating features a high quality structure with puncture protection to reduce premature wear brought about by the additional driving force