Cane Creek 1.5" Star Nut

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An essential component for nearly any bike, the Cane Creek Star Nut is a reliable, easy-to-install option for most forks with steel or aluminum steerer tubes. This seemingly simple component is essential for achieving proper headset adjustment. The Cane Creek Star Nut comes in 1”, 1 ⅛”, or 1 ½” (1.5”) sizes to accommodate the steerer tube on most modern threadless forks. Pair with your favorite headset and top cap for an easy, reliable headset adjustment. Requires a star nut setter for proper installation—e recommend the Foundation Star Nut Setter Tool to make quick work of this job.


  • Durable design for reliable headset adjustment
  • Not suitable for carbon fiber steerer tubes please consult fork manufacturer instructions for more details
  • Requires star nut setter tool for proper installation