Mr Tuffy Tire Liner 29"

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The Best Puncture Prevention

Main Line of Defense - The leading flat prevention product is Tire Liners - and the most popular brand of tire liner is "Mr. Tuffy Tire Liners."

Tire Liners (aka Tube Protectors) shield against punctures from thorns, glass, and road debris - the nemesis of every bicyclist.

Strong Stuff! - Made of durable, lightweight urethane, Mr. Tuffy provides a protective layer between the outer tire and inner tube. Urethane has a property which makes it very elastic. When a thorn or piece of glass attempts to penetrate the Mr. Tuffy liner it comes up against a surface that is both hard and elastic. The object pushes against the surface which gives way while resisting initial penetration. 

2 Layers Tuff - With the introduction of the dual layer Mr. Tuffy over 10 years ago, we made our liners even more impenetrable by fusing a hardened strip to the original pliant, lightweight urethane strip. This Micro-Shell layer provides an even better shield against punctures.

Mr. Tuffy is gentle toward inner tubes, but also has an even tougher side  that's nastier to thorns, glass, and nails. Mr. Tuffy grinds a thorn into sawdust and broken glass into sand.